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Established in 2004 to serve the

Western Maryland Lacrosse communities of

Allegany, Carroll, Garrett, Frederick, and Washington Counties.

Through responsive and effective leadership, the Western Maryland Chapter of USA Lacrosse strives to provide programs and services in our geographic territory that inspire participation, enhance & retain membership, and build lacrosse awareness while protecting the integrity of the game.

We envision a future which offers people everywhere the opportunity to discover, learn, participate in, enjoy, and ultimately embrace the shared passion of the lacrosse experience.

*WMDUSLAX posts all lacrosse related information happening in our area for informational purposes only.

The Western MD Chapter of USA
Lacrosse does not endorse ANY club team or organization over another and believes that each family can and should make their own decision regarding the programs available in our area.


FallBall - Week 3 Notes

Week 2 went by with more beautiful "Summer-like" weather and the Cryin' Johnies snowballs were again a popular item!   Here are some notes for Week 3 (9/27).

1.)  Pinnies

  • We have sorted out the pinnie's and organized them by team to avoid the lines at the main tent. 
  • Coaches - Please check in at the main tent & we will give you a bag of the new pinnies and a copy of the official roster for your team.
  • Players - If you borrowed a pinnie in week 1 or 2, please return it washed to your coach or to the main tent.

2.)  Parking
Thank you for not parking on the grass on week 2!  See the map below for the location of a large parking lot near the crickett field for overflow parking.  Please consider carpooling if that works for you.

3.) Field Numbers:   We have corrected the numbering of the fields on the schedule to match the signage on the fields.   All Youth teams will continue to play on the same field location each week but the field numbers will now match.  

Thank you,


by posted 09/13/2021
Welcome to FallBall 2021!!

Welcome to FallBall 2021!



Rosters & Schedules:

You can find your team & schedules & lots of helpful information at: www.wmduslax.org

You will want to sign in in the top right corner to be able to see your team roster. 

You can also link your electronic calenders on Outlook or Google etc to the WMDUSALAX Schedule so you will be updated of any schedule changes of weather cancelations etc.   

The online schedule is the official schedule and was last updated on 9/8.  

Over 700 players, coaches & officials will take the fields at Utica District Park in Frederick, MD  8:00 AM -4:30 PM Sundays from September 12th-October 31st.  You will play on the same fields each week.   


Fields 1&2 are on the left as you come down the main road, in the original front section of the park.  (We are not near the turf fields, they did not have enough turf time available for our event.) 

Please only park in paved/lined spaces as Park Rangers can issue tickets and tow vehicles.  If a lot is full, please just circle around to another lot, or one near the main pavilion across from the Cricket Field.  Parking will be tight at times in the early weeks, but we have staggered the schedules to ease the parking some.  


Pinnies will be distributed to coaches in week 3.   Please return any pinnies you borrowed in weeks 1&2.  

Where to Eat?

We have invited Cryin' Johnnies's back again this year!  Hot Dogs & Snowcones from 11:00 AM - 4:00 ish!


All coaches must be USA Lacrosse Members and registered to be on the players sideline.  We have openings for additional Asst Coaches on most teams --- Especially at 8U & 10U.   

It's more fun on the players side of the field, and sometimes we even have snacks!   


We will play by the 2020 USA Lacrosse Rules, Modified for the small field format in the JV & Youth Diivisions.  We don't keep score, so Coaches are free to rotate players of mixed ability and experience levels onto the field.  We just let them play for the Love of the Game!!


Officially everything related to FallBall takes place on Sundays.   This is to encourage players to be multi-sport Athletes, but still give them the opportunity to keep a stick in their hands in the off season. 

We have added clinic time to the 8U & 6U Divisions since so many players are new at this age.   There are also new player clinics offered in our area by local programs or Speed & Agility type programs for players who do not have another Fall Sport and want to stay active during the week.  


Please consider wearing a mask if you are not vaccinated or are at increased risk, or just like the awesome pattern on the one you wear.    Social distance on the sidelines please!

Weekly check-ins and masks are not required at this time, but we are prepared to modify our plans if required to do so by Frederick County.

If your player has a positive Covid tests result or has a direct exposure to someone with a positive Covid test, please inform your coach ASAP,  You Coach will work with the Directors to implement our updated "Return to Play" plan.   With kids back in school these exposure situations will be more common this Fall.

If you have any signs & symptoms of Covid or have taken a Covid test for any reason and have not gotten a negative test result back yet, please sit it out!

We'll see you Sunday!


George, Rock, Tom, Doug & now 2 Joes!!
The Western Maryland Chapter of USA Lacrosse

by posted 09/09/2021
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